Søndag 09:00 – 12:00

Anna Maltz

Køb workshop

(Workshop in English)

Marlisle (a made up word combining marl and Fair Isle) is an unusual system of creating decorative texture and colour shifts in handknitted fabric with a particular focus on seamless knitting in the round. By separating out two yarns generally being held together to form a marl base, Marlisle allows patches of stranded colourwork to be scattered around a garment or accessory without the use of intarsia while avoiding unworkably long floats. It can be used to combine different weights of yarn, throw new light on your stash, overcome frustrations like jogging stripes when knitting in the round and even to adapt existing patterns.

This class is an introduction to the technique of Marlisle. You’ll create a circular swatch (we might even get round to a sneaky bit of steeking) from a choice of designs provided and use this as an entry point into understanding the system. Suitable for a range of skill levels, but perhaps most exciting for knitters who have experimented with stranded colourwork and intarsia and understand the limitations of these existing techniques. The aim is to send you off inspired.

Minimum skill level:

intermediate/advanced beginner

Existing knowledge required:

  • experience of colouwork
  • knitting in the round

Skills covered:

  • Marlisle
  • following a stitch pattern from a chart
  • working a swatch in the round, including basic knotted steek
  • combining colours
  • deducing tension

Students to bring:

  • 4ply weight yarn in 2 contrasting, but harmonious colours. Go for 100% wool, ideally not super wash treated – you want something a little ‘sticky’.
  • 3.25mm DPNs or circular needles long enough for magic loop (depending on personal preference). Students can bring a range of sizes from 2.5 mm to 4.5mm, if they wish to adjust for their personal tension.
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler or tape measure

Homework: It would be helpful if you worked out which needle size works for you to get a DENSE garter stitch using two 4ply yarns held together.

Anna Maltz

Anna is a Londoner and ex art school kid. A lot of her work involves knitting. She likes people watching, even if they aren’t wearing knitwear. As cofounder of Ricefield Collective, she does a chunk of the teaching and designing, something she also does for others of all ages.
A lifelong knitter from a line of creative folks, her love of colour means you probably won’t miss her in a crowd. It is likely she will arrive by bicycle.
She is a gatherer of information, second hand treasures, interesting people and creative solutions. Yes, she knitted those naked suits, has been known to laugh at her own jokes and loves receiving post.