Shawl Shaping
Søndag 09:00 – 12:00

Chrissie Day

Køb workshop

Shawl Shaping

(workshop in english)

35 ways to shape a shawl we will learn the geometry behind these knitting in miniature form – taking home the recipes for them.

Become a better shawl designer.

Once you have mastered construction of shape then there is only colour /stitch design to add in for unique pieces.There are over 35 differing ways to shape shawls and once the geometry calculations have been learnt for these then the design process is easy.

We will take 8 basic shawl shapes and learn the construction techniques before design and pattern and color are added.

We will look at 8 in detail and knit these up in miniature for reference –Patterns provided to take home

You will need worsted wool and 3.75 mm-4mm  needles

Chrissie Day

Chrissie Day, an English fibre artist known for her innovative knitwear and felting designs, can be found in all the most popular British / American fibre magazines and journals. She uses felt, knitting and embroidery to create very unique ‘one of a kind’ pieces. Chrissie is a writer with ten published titles to date on knitting, crochet, wire jewellery and felting. Her functional fashion accessories fuse her distinctive style with fine design techniques which ensure they are unique. Chrissie Day’s striking knitted bags, felted bags and slippers / shoes are sold as kits in many areas of the world. Her fibre-felted bags are well sought after. There is a waiting list of commissions for new jackets to be produced.

Chrissie Day has appeared on live craft television and the online video link magazine Create and Craft. From 2011-2016 Chrissie has taught knitting and felting in Fanø (DK), Belgium, Norway and on a ‘Craft Cruise’ through the Baltic. UK teaching venues include the inaugural Loch Ness International Knitting Festival, the annual Harrogate Yorkshire Knitting and Stitching Show, World of Wool, and private students in her studio.

2017 is booking fast with Chrissie teaching more in the UK at her studio, once more at the Strikkefestival in Fanø and at Inverness Loch Ness. Her studio is now at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh, Cumbria where she can be found at least a couple of days each week.

In Chrissie‘s own words – I cannot remember a time before fibre, a time when yarn did not feature in my life. My inspiration is always nature and certain architecture that grasps my attention as I travel, whether it be the prize-winning airport in Madrid, a peeling painted door in Greece, or simple leaves and flowers from my gardens, which are always inspirational to me in every season, even rain on stone. The Pennines inspire me with their awe and majesty and now feature in many designs. I have also been studying the works of Sonia Delauney which intrigue me with their colour and shape placement.

Chrissie’s published titles are stocked in many countries, and her designs are regularly featured in the monthly journals. She has designed for Cygnet Yarns (UK), BC Garn (DK), Ramsdens (UK) and Saleutions (AU). A new range of baby wear – Itsy Ditsy – is in progress featuring a mix of knitting and fine lawn cottons and silks.