Landscapes (undervisning på engelsk)
Lørdag 09:00 – 12:00

Karie Westermann

Køb workshop

KNITTING THE LANDSCAPE (Undervisning på engelsk)

Psychogeography is about seeing your local environment in a new light: bike lanes, paths worn by human feet, and old forgotten rivers. It is about wandering about your home town and looking closer at things you pass every day.

This class will be an exploration of how to express your memories and thoughts of a specific place using knitting as a medium. Knitwear designer Karie Westermann will talk about her own experiences designing knitwear inspired by specific landscapes – from shawls mimicking submerged Scandinavian beaches to hats taking visual cues from her Scottish cityscape.

Then, together, you will begin to explore your own landscapes on the needles. What is the fabric of your own place? How can you translate the way you navigate the City into a wearable piece of knitwear? Karie will guide you in thinking about textures, stitch patterns and colours – and make you look at familiar streets in a new way.

Karie Westermann

Karie Westermann does things with wool and words.
She is a Danish-born and UK-residing designer, writer and teacher whose work combines her love of storytelling, art, and heritage.

Her portfolio includes Rowan Yarns/Coats, Susan Crawford Vintage, Malabrigo Yarns, Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and Karie also regularly offers her expertise to universities, museums and other institutions.

She is currently completing her first book, This Thing of Paper – a collection inspired by medieval books and manuscripts.